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Holy Wow – New York, NY – electro goth rock
Holy Wow, the band, struts electro glam and rocks post punk that is reminiscent of 80’s post punker Jesus and Mary Chain mixed with a little Depeche Mode. “Hey Dragon”, their latest single, revolves around a steady dripping bass line coupled with some full on blurred out guitar. Dmitry Wild’s handles his first stab at front man of this New York City based electro Goth, post punk band, with the kick ass name. Wild allows his voice to waver and sink and come back to eulogize the anthemic lyrics. “I know you want to shake up the earth…. Get it together.”

He takes the song to further depths while merging with angelic harmonizing shaking up the background. The bass still rolls with the wild pop of the kick drum and fit like the missing puzzle rousing guitar. “Get it together… Baby can’t you see every day is a lesson for me”. The fender slides out as if to end this stirring tune but they pull it back up with foot stomping lyrics “I know you want to shake up this earth”…. So just do it.


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