reviews “Nebulas”

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“Nebulas” by Holy WOW! is a powerful, spacey garage rock song that evokes a strange mix of Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd.

NYC-based Holy WOW! strike you as a well-rounded band, with a distinctive sound that feels like an ethereal electro-rock cohesion of diverse musical elements. The elongated, laid-back vocals are extremely reminiscent of those of Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan, whereas the swelling guitar hooks and sections have a pinch of David Gilmour in them, and that is more than enough to strike a chord. The vocals and guitars are like two dance partners, each taking turns to deliver strong, musical punches to the catchy beat and bad-ass baseline. This beautiful back-and-forth creates a nice, contagious dynamic that washes over you, and is further complemented by the video.


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