HOLY WOW! opened for one of the legendary goth-rockers Agata Kristi (RU)

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HOLY WOW got booked to play at the legendary Cutting Room in NYC. The venue resembled a theatre, with it’s stage being in the middle of the back room. There was a million dollar vase made of Fender Stratocasters and 2nd floor that hosted photographs of the most iconic Rock-n-Roll legends. This night was no different, 1/2 of Agata Kristi came from over seas with his band, Gleb Samoyloff and the Matrixx. Headliner took 2 hours to sound check, so there was only minutes before the doors opened, so as HOLY WOW got on the stage, and started sound checking, the promoter exclaimed, “Guys can you hurry up? I got to open the doors. ” As I just connected my guitar and got the first sounds of the guitar, there was no way I was going not sound check for such a big show. So I said, “Go ahead open the doors, I don’t care they will see us tune.” Doors opened and the line of crowd rushed to the stage, thinking we were already playing, meanwhile we were just testing the sound. As we stopped playing, they had disappointed faces on, but we promised we will return. When the clock hit 9, we climbed back on stage and delivered the sound that I was working on recently. A mix of psychedelia, new wave and garage rock. Some songs were received louder than others, and finally we kicked into the last song, called, “Dreamland” and the volume went up few notches energy went through the roof and we ended a rocking show on a high note with an excellent solo and outro, saying the headliner will come shortly. Crowd was cheering and thanking us. When the headliner climbed on stage and started playing, I couldn’t understand why was the sound so uneven, drums weren’t miked, and singer was fucking up on his lyrics. That’s when I realized for an opening band we delivered quite a show. To be continued.