WOW! recorded at the legendary Stratosphere Studio (Smashing Pumpkins James Iha’s Recording Studio)

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First record EP, was recorded at the last days of James Iha’s famous studio, Stratosphere Sound on 26th street and 11th avenue. 2 floor building that had 2 live rooms was a heaven for recording. Our session was run by one of the engineers late into the night at times, while two huge PA speakers towered over the mixing board resembled a space ship. The live room contained a grand piano and an impressive collection of James Iha’s Guitars.

Volodya Komarov produced the whole record with an engineer and he played bass guitar on all the tracks. We pieced the record together rather quickly. Asking Elastica’s drummer to lend his drum tracks on one of the songs and then Volodya asked his long time friend, EMF’s singer to play some psychedelic synth on one of the songs.



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